David vs Goliath! How Up-and-Coming Brands can Win with Influencer Marketing

It’s well-known that mega brands like Nike and Adidas bring on influencers to keep people chatting about them on social media and encourage more purchases. However, they’re not the only ones who benefit from working with influencers; even up-and-coming brands are reaping the benefits today.

Influencers Want to Work with Smaller Brands

According to a recent study, 99% of micro-influencers, or those with 2,000-50,000 social media followers, say they genuinely believe in the products and services they’re promoting. They’re true brand advocates who are simply glad to recommend what works for them. Moreover, 32% believe that their audience cares most about them remaining authentic, and that if they stray from this path, their audience will stop engaging with them. At 27% each, equal numbers of influencers felt that engagement and sharing content that resonated with their followers matters most. Notice what’s missing? Any mention at all of brand recognition. Micro-influencers don’t care how big your brand is; only that it’s a natural fit for them and their audience.

You Have a Story and You’re Going Places

Smaller and newer brands have something Goliaths don’t: heart. Today’s start-up has a story and is founded by an entrepreneur who got to where he or she is based on passion and perseverance. This is the story of the micro-influencer too, especially sports influencers. Adding to this, new businesses come in with a fresh mindset which can be seen in their products, services and also their marketing channels. That means the influencers, who are digital natives, are a natural fit for the up-and-coming brand.

Athletes Want to Be Part of Your Journey

There’s a sense of solidarity amongst athlete influencers and growing brands to begin with. Both have immense fire and a desire to take on the world. Both are also poised for growth. An athlete in the early stages of a career will be building a fanbase as he or she develops. So too, will the brand. This underdog mentality makes athletes eager to grab endorsements and contracts with brands, in part because it brings him or her attention and in part because of the attention they can bring to a brand. After all, it’s certainly honourable to pick up a contract with Nike, but it’s more meaningful to get on the ground floor and be part of a brand’s growth.

Brands Win Big with Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers bring a lot to up-and-coming brands too. They certainly charge less for contracts than their macro cousins and they’re happier to work for the cheque. Actually, some don’t expect a cheque at all; they’ll work in exchange for special packages or will accept reduced fees for exclusive deals, depending on how strongly they feel about the brand. Moreover, the micro-influencer has better relationships with his or her fans. Those who have made it big attract everyone, including people who never do more than pop by their page and “like” it once. The micro-influencer has hard-earned fans; people who genuinely care about the influencer and what he or she has to say. Engagement rates are higher. All that said, even up-and-coming brands can often afford to work with multiple influencers. That means the brands can reach more people and more audiences in a meaningful way. Reach is expanded in a way that cannot be achieved through any other channel.

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